What are we going to build with the money collected

A workshop for kids and teenagers aged 5 to 17 where they can use their imagination to create pretty much anything they want while developing useful skills for their future. Together with experienced professionals they will be able to

Build robots

Construct flying machines

Sculpt from clay

Make wooden figures

Paint on easels

Do embroidery

Create jewelery

Make sand art

What is the workshop for?

  1. Having developed certain skills children will grow up to be able to build actual military equipment to protect our homeland.
  2. Kids will develop skills that will help them find employment in the future
  3. Motor skills create new useful neurons in the brain of a child
  4. Develops motor skills for the youngest kids
  5. Develops creative thinking
  6. Kids will be able to understand how many of the things function in the world
  7. Doing things in a workshop helps ameliorate the nervous system functions
  8. Kids will learn to appreciate manual labor
  9. Kids will have an opportunity to do interesting things after school

Why should you trust us?

We are absolutely transparent with our actions. All the paperwork for the funds spent will be published on our social networks. We have already collected money to renew an existing center in 2019. You can come visit us and see for yourself that we are functioning and already working with kids. You can ask us anything at any point in time and connect with the creators of the project. If after you've donated you still have doubts of where the money went – we will give it back to you. Just contact us via e-mail or instagram.

How much money is needed to create the workshop


Why are we collecting money?

We are not a commercial project. We do not get funding from the government. Our main goal is to give the kids opportunities to learn and develop their skills to have a brighter future.

How can you follow the spending and the progress the project makes

When we will collect the needed amount (follow on this website), we will give a detailed report on our instagram account and we will post all the receipts.


Where will the workshop be built?

The workshop will be located in Gyumri (Ani block) on the underground floor of the KIDO children development center.

A little about KIDO

It was the year 2016 when we took a small room in a chess club to help the development of preschoolers. In the beginning of 2019 we told the world that our dream was to build a child development center in Gyumri. Thanks to people’s support we were able to make that dream come true. August 2019 was the month we opened our doors to the children. Today we have more than 50 young students.
We are planning to open centers like that around Armenia and its most rural centers in the future.

Project authors

Артур Гаспарян

Arthur Gasparyan

Idea Inspirer

Лилит Шахбазян

Lilit Shahbazyan

«Energizer» of project

Гор Торосян

Gor Torosyan

Head of center

We adore children and for the past 4 years many families in Gyumri have trusted us with the most precious thing in the world – their kids. More than a 100 people believed in us in 2019 thus we were able to renovate one of the floors in our center.

Our sponsors

Honorary Sponsors

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