Our mission

Give an opportunity to all children regardless of life circumstances to receive high-quality education and develop talents in the atmosphere of love and kindness.

Careful development

KIds have very sensitive nervous system and environmental perception at an early age, that is why we carefully approach pedagogic work with children.

Fulfilling of the potential

Every child has inborn talents, we will help to discover and develop them.

Favourable atmosphere

We create a bright and warm atmosphere at our center, where children, parents and workers can be truly happy.

Right values

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to possess much knowledge and different skills, but with every passing year they become irrelevant, while right values instilled since childhood will always be necessary.

About the project

KIDO is a child developmental center, place where every pre-school child can discover his potential and be happy.

Our purpose is to provide all the children with an opportunity to learn and get to know themselves better, convey to parents methods of proper children treatment, train hundreds of highly-skilled child’s teachers.

The project is wholly social, all funds are used to meet the needs of the center and develop in new regions.


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Project authors

Артур Гаспарян

Arthur Gasparyan

Idea Inspirer

Лилит Шахбазян

Lilit Shahbazyan

«Energizer» of project

Гор Торосян

Gor Torosyan

Head of center

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